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Cleaning carpets is possible in several ways fresh healthy carpet cleaning. The wet method is used most often. Cleaning companies recently developed a low-moisture technique. The dry-cleaning technique, also known as chem-drying cleaning or chem-free cleaning, is a newer one.

What is Chem Dry Cleaning?

This method uses dry chemicals or foam. It is best used on carpets that are in areas of high traffic. Wet cleaning could cause problems. This method is also used to deep clean carpets. The idea that water isn’t used in this method is false. Although there is some moisture in the process, it’s not excessive. A pre-cleaning step is performed to clean the carpet of heavy dirt and grit using a conditioner. After this, the chemical powder is applied to the carpet by brushing vigorously and repeatedly with a machine.

It is best to let the carpet dry out for approximately an hour before vacuuming it thoroughly to remove all dirt.

The benefits of chem-dry cleaning

Many benefits are associated with the chem-dry clean technique. The benefits include:

* Reduction in drying time

The carpet dries quickly with this method, as it uses less water. You can walk right over your carpet after it has been cleaned.

* Prevents Over-Wetting

The carpet will not get too wet because the water used is sprinkled sparingly.

The carpet is cleaned without the use of any detergent or water. As no liquid is used, there’s no danger of germs incubating.

* Organic and 100% safe

Many professional carpet cleaning services use only organic products. They are safe to use on pets and people. Using these cleaners won’t harm people who suffer from allergies or asthma.


Chem-dry carpet cleaning is very efficient, because it thoroughly cleans the carpet without creating a mess. Certain precautions should be observed during the procedure. The technician must be properly trained in terms of the equipment used and the cleaning agent. It is important to use the dry foaming machine with the direction of flow, or the grain, if applicable. This may require you to stop the machine, and then return to your initial edge in order to foam another area. Make sure to vacuum the foam after it has completely dried. It is possible that the technician will not produce desired results if he or she has not been properly trained. If you hire a cleaning service, ask them about their cleaning solution. When it comes to eco-friendly cleaning, you should use only non-toxic products that are completely natural.

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